Track Title: Froot

Artist: Marina and the Diamonds



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Track Title: Piece Of Future

Artist: Gesaffelstein

Album: Aleph
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Track Title: Grind

Artist: Les Sins

Album: Single


Les Sins - Grind

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Track Title: Come and Get Your Love

Artist: Redbone

Album: Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1

Redbone // Come and Get Your Love

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Track Title: Grande Finale

Artist: studio Killers

I’ve been a dirty bastard
but I will clean my act up
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Track Title: Shoot Him Down!

Artist: Alice Francis

Album: St. James Ballroom
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Track Title: Myung

Artist: Yoko Kanno

Album: Macross Plus


I prefer the instrumental theme. Just seems to carry across more feeling.

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Track Title: More than 3cm

Artist: Yoko Kanno


More than 3cm - Yoko Kanno

Anime: Macross Plus

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Track Title: The Rains of Castamere

Artist: The National

Album: Game of Thrones - Season 2 (Music from the HBO® Series)


The Rains of Castamere - The National

The beauty of George R.R. Martin’s magnum opus, A Song of Ice and Fire, is the sheer amount of detail that makes this world feel real as if I shared mead with the characters and walked through the war-torn lands. One detail of this epic series of books, and the television series as well, is this song that creeps up every once in a while and every time it does my skin crawls. The Rains of Castamere is an emotional gut-wrench that is so powerful because first we learn the context behind the song; a fiercely bloody history tethered to the characters we grow to know. Then as the story progresses this song pops up again and again in events that completely change the course of everything; events that are so shocking they have leave my mouth agape with an awe unlike anything I have experienced in literature and television before. Also I would like to note that whoever thought of getting The National to cover this song is a genius, because Matt Berninger’s baritone voice is perfect for this eerie victory chant in midst of utter destruction.

"In a coat of gold or a coat of red a lion still has claws and mine are long and sharp, my lord. As long and sharp as yours."

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Track Title: Blackfish

Artist: Jeff Beal

Album: Blackfish Soundtrack

“Can you imagine being in a small concrete enclosure for your life when you’re used to swimming 100 miles a day?”

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Track Title: Giant Woman

Artist: James Roach (orig. Rebecca Sugar)


Steven Universe - Giant Woman (chiptune cover)

(track art by merrigo)

I loved rebeccasugar's song from this weeks Steven Universe so I did a cute little bossa cover!

I’ll put it up on my youtube channel later this week, with a download link!

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Track Title: Best Friend

Artist: Foster The People

Album: Supermodel


Foster The People “Best Friend“

I’m here, no matter where you are
So let it in with, open arms, no matter where you are
Sometimes, you’ll have to wait
And it passes by like a satellite or star
No matter where you are

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Track Title: Jenny [Cosmicolor 8bit Mix]

Artist: Studio Killers


I wanna ruin our friendship
We should be lovers instead
I don’t know how to say this
cause you’re really my dearest friend..


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Track Title: Fine On The Outside

Artist: Priscilla Ahn

Album: Fine On The Outside

Fine on the Outside
Priscilla Ahn
When Marnie was There (OST)

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The Sims 4 Build Mode Music Mix

A nice little mix of Build Mode music from TS4 has been released. The music is very pretty and calm and gives me those Sims 2 feels, yet it still manages to be unique!

What do you guys think?

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